About us:
What is Egile Group?

In Basque, "egile" refers to one "who does or creates". We are an industrial and technology group whose mission is to optimise opportunities by promoting technology-based companies for future-looking sectors that develop high-value products, services and solutions.

Our size and constant attention to emerging business and technological opportunities make Egile a diversified industrial group, with independent divisions operating in sectors such as Aeronautics, Space, Science, Metal Packaging, Water and Environment, Industrial Cybersecurity and Health.

Group companies


Egile Mechanics, S.L is the sum of DMP and Zehatz, both of which became part of a new company at the end of 2018. Through five highly specialised business units, it offers solutions in sectors such as aeronautics, metal packaging for the food sector, and applications for science that require extreme precision.

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A specialist in the turnkey design, manufacture, engineering and installation of water treatment equipment. With a vocation for innovation, it offers international customers specific, bespoke solutions for desalination projects.

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Companies linked to Egile


Comprehensive service to address the needs and vulnerabilities of the industry in the face of the challenges of Digitalisation, Industry 4.0 and Cybercrime.
ITS was born within the Egile Group in 2007 and was acquired by Ibermática in 2020.

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It develops solutions to help spine surgeons in the operating room, minimising risks. Its robot-assisted arm provides technological solutions that add precision and safety to human intervention.

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SmartPM, located in Elgoibar, specialises in industrial machining processes and robotic solutions.

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Createch Medical is a dental engineering company with a wide range of structure solutions for prosthetics. Their developments have led to unique CAD/CAM structures that make them a benchmark in the sector.
Createch Medical was born as part of Grupo Egile in 2006 and was acquired by the multinational Straumann in 2018, although it remains linked to the group through various services and innovation projects.

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Our values

The values of our companies are those of our people. Without our values, Egile Group would not be the business reality it is today. Without them, without people, it would not be possible to meet our demanding requirements.

In line with our company mission, our values are focused on a culture of opportunity management:





Drive for self-improvement

Drive for self-improvement

Business culture

EGILE wants to be a benchmark industrial group internationally, based on the level of its companies and their products or services, its technological development, the development of its people, and the results it achieves for all its stakeholders.

This involves a cohesive, permeable business culture at all levels, with everybody at EGILE sharing a project and receiving timely, transparent information. A culture based on values, trust and participation, both in management and results, with leadership founded on honest, transparent management and commitment to our people.

At EGILE we work to reduce the impact of our activity on the environment, and to pursue the interests of our customers, shareholders, employees, suppliers and society in general:

Respecting diversity and promoting equal opportunities, as well as non-discrimination on the basis of gender, age, disability or any other circumstance.

Taking care of our environment, working to minimise any environmental impacts, and focusing on optimising the use of natural resources, energy and materials in our processes.

Promoting policies to ensure a work-life balance, allowing families to develop to the maximum, and increasing efficiency in the workplace.

Generating value and wealth: the companies in our Group generate high value products or services for the sectors they operate in. We therefore help develop, innovate and enrich our environment and society in general.

Giving back to our environment, to the extent of our possibilities. We demonstrate this by sponsoring events and participating or collaborating in activities that promote social and human development in our community.

Our history

With origins dating back to 1990, we have consolidated ourselves as a leading international company in the field of high-precision mechanics.

Egile Mechanics, S.L. came about in 2018 through the amalgamation of DMP (Desarrollos Mecánicos de Precisión, S.L.) and Zehatz, S.L., two companies in Egile group that ceased to be independent businesses, becoming a single organisation focused on precision mechanics.

Come on in and discover our history
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Zehatz | Strategic approach | Engineering | DPM

  • In 1990, Zehatz, S.L., the embryo of what is today Egile Group, is born in Elgoibar. Zehatz was a micro-company specialised in grinding, dedicated to the machine tooling sector as a subcontractor of interoperations.
  • In 1992 we devise our first strategic approach. We decide to evolve from an auxiliary workshop to a company with a strategy. Commercial activity gets under way, with a clear commitment to the metal packaging sector.
  • In 1995 we start our Engineering activity. We soon develop the first progressive dies for the metal packaging sector, and begin developing tooling for machining in machine tools.
  • DMP (Desarrollos Mecánicos de Precisión, S.L.) is set up at the end of the century, in 1999, marking the start of aeronautics activity in complex and precision components. We look to France, our neighbour and the second world power.
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DMP Strategic Plan | Creation of Egile Group

  • In 2004, DMP drafts its first Strategic Plan, which looks to diversify towards emerging sectors such as health, aeronautics and renewable energies; areas in which high-precision mechanics and our knowledge and experience would allow us to focus on technological breakthroughs.
  • In 2005 we formally incorporate EGILE GROUP (Egile Corporation, S.L.), as a fundamental element in accelerating new projects.
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Createch Medical | ITS Security | EIS Innovative Solutions

  • 2006 sees the creation of CREATECH Medical, S.L., a project we helped to set up and which marks the start of activity in the field of health, focused on developing, manufacturing and distributing innovative solutions.
  • In 2007, Egile's spin-off cybersecurity company, ITS Security, is also born, becoming an official member of CSIRT.es, the leading national forum in this area.
  • Egile Innovative Solutions (EIS) is set up in 2010. Our own R&D&I unit, part of the Basque Science and Technology Network, which supports the group's different companies in developing new products or processes and bespoke solutions for our customers.
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2011 - Today

Tecexsa | Cyber Surgery | Egile Mechanics | SmartPM

  • In 2012, we take over TECEXSA (Tecno Química Exterior, S.A.), an engineering company that produces its own product and has enormous potential for development. We start activity in the water environment.
  • 2017 sees the creation of the spin-off Cyber Surgery, which arose from one of Egile's R&D&I projects, focused on creating a robotic assistant for spinal operations.
  • In 2018 Createch Medical is sold to the multinational Straumann.
  • At the end of 2018, DMP and Zehatz disappear and their activities are integrated under a new name, Egile Mechanicas, S.L.
  • SmartPM (Smart Process Management (S.L.), a company specialising in machining processes and robotic solutions, is born at the start of 2019.


Innovation and Development is inherent to Egile Group: we are serial innovators, as demonstrated by our ability to continually generate technological and organisational responses to market demand, leading to numerous technological spin-offs in strategic sectors.

We consider innovation to be a decentralised, open, social process. Decentralised because it is carried out in each of the group's companies and business units, with the support of innovation management. Open, because it involves universities, technology centres and equipment manufacturers. Social, because we understand that everybody in the group must take part, with the aim of empowering them, motivating them and making the most of their true potential.

Our capabilities are characterised by the aggregation of knowledge generated thanks to the synergies between the Group's different companies, where we invest more than 17% overall in research, development and innovation, and we also count on an in-house R&D&I Unit, part of the Basque Science and Technology Network.

Investment in R&D&I over

In-house R&D&I unit, part of the Basque Science and Technology Network:

People working in R&D&I


ESKALA 4.0: Optimisation of stopover times in the airport environment, based on the Industry 4.0 paradigm


Strategic area: Cybersecurity

Grupo SPRI

The project focuses on developing enabling technologies to optimise stopover times in the airport environment. ITS is involved in designing and developing infrastructure to capture and sniff data in order to identify cybersecurity anomalies in Smart Airport communications networks, thus providing early detection of any attempt to attack the infrastructure, especially advanced persistent threats. The project is being developed alongside Ikusi-Velatia, among others.


iPOWER: Digital-modelled intelligent powertrain for connected electric bus


Strategic area: Cybersecurity

Grupo SPRI

The main aim of the project is to research and generate knowledge in order to initiate the digital transformation of the bus manufacturing processes and generate new products/services to make the third generation of electric vehicles a reality. ITS will design the equipment to include non-functional cybersecurity design artefacts. This design will include integration and consensus with the functional design. The project is being developed alongside Irizar Group, among others.


CBTC: New interoperable CBTC system for urban transport of the future

EXP 00110923/IDI-20181068

Strategic area: Cybersecurity


Project focused on obtaining a new technological development framework for an interoperable CBTC (Communication-Based Train Control) system based on the ERTMS standard, that will serve as the working basis to, in the medium term, migrate to maximum automation levels in the field of urban transport, incorporating the Security-by-Design paradigm from the very outset. In this case, ITS is responsible for the automatic safety monitoring system in signalling and transport infrastructure, a project in which it works alongside CAF Signalling, among others.


IT(SIA)^2: ITS artificial intelligence through artificial immune systems

(CDTI) EXP 00110923/IDI-20181068, (SPRI) ZL-2019/00727

Strategic area: Cybersecurity


Through the IT(SIA)2 project, ITS Security promotes the development of artificial intelligence focused on cybersecurity by emulating the immune system. Under this new paradigm, we can build immune organisations that can independently capture and eliminate online threats that others ignore, without any human intervention or bias around what a threat looks like. IT(SIA)2 would act as a digital antibody; the technology will work by learning the normal "pattern" for each user and device in the business, and take action to detect ongoing threats in real time.


ASSURE: Secure, flexible robotic surgical assistant for spine surgery through smart guidance and virtual reality training environment

(CDTI) EXP 00120998/IDI-20191145 (SPRI) ZL-2019/00802

Strategic area: Health


This cybersecurity project aims to meet two goals. Firstly, to develop a smart guidance system as a human-robot interface (hereinafter HRI), allowing the surgeon to control the robot safely and flexibly with a real-time verification system. This allows the robot to move precisely and safely in the surgical field without the surgeon having to shift attention away from the operating area, using screens or controls located far from the operating area.


SUGAR: Surgical Guidance using Augmented Reality

Grant Agreement 777222

Strategic area: Health

Horizon 2020 ATTRACT

The goal of SUGAR is to develop an augmented reality (AR) system for minimally invasive, robot-assisted spine surgery. The challenges today include insufficient tracking precision, complex workflows, low frame rates, and lack of display of intraoperative variables. The SUGAR project proposes an innovative solution to these problems, using an AR headset with a new electromechanical tracker, capable of following the patient's movement in a highly precise manner. The solution proposed by SUGAR has the potential to transform the way MIS (Minimal Invasive Surgery) is approached, and to revolutionise robotic surgery.


AEROLUBE: Research on the influence of cavitation, leakage and geometrical deviations on the efficiency of future aircraft engine lubrication systems.


Strategic area: Lubrication systems

Grupo SPRI

This project will involve research into the efficiency of pumps in aircraft engine lubrication systems and the variables that most influence them, taking into account cavitation, leaks and geometric deviations of components. It will be achieved by developing models and simulations of hydrodynamic systems, in order to generate sufficient knowledge for us to understand the effect of these variables and how systems can be maximised in terms of efficiency.


LINAC: Technologies for developing compact particle accelerators.


Strategic area: Lubrication systems

Grupo SPRI Createch

The main aim of this project, which counts on the participation of the Electricity Department at the University of the Basque Country, EIS and Tekniker, is to generate knowledge and form a leading, competent team in the field of accelerator science and technology, which will grow by building components and integrating them in a cutting-edge compact accelerator up to 7 MeV. With the philosophy of achieving compact, efficient technological solutions, with results that can be transferred to the business network, and with capability to compete in international projects and infrastructure.

Egile Mechanics

APEM-AM: Advanced design, process efficiency and quality assurance in additive metal manufacturing.


Strategic area: Additive manufacturing

Smart advanced manufacturing Createch

The APEM-AM project aims to create a new framework for the additive manufacturing of metals, in order to produce aeronautical components more quickly and reliably. The technical work will include developing new computer design methods and manufacturing process monitoring techniques, as well as post-processing by CNC machining. Egile Mechanics and Createch Medical are working together on this project.


DAF-UF: Development of a new process based on flotation and ultra-filtration for water treatment applications using CFD analytical models.


Strategic area: Environment

Grupo SPRI

The aim of this project is to develop and validate a new process for water treatment applications, based on flotation and membrane technologies. The main result of this innovation is a study of the strong interaction between both processes, with special emphasis on phenomena taking place inside the tank or unit, based on new mathematical Computational Fluid Dynamics (CFD) models. However, from an experimental point of view, progress is still required in this field to give quantitative validity to the models developed. A pilot plant will therefore be developed, allowing the results obtained by CFD to be validated.

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